“The Claw glove is the most durable glove I have used. The grip lasts longer and is more durable than other gloves and the breathable material makes it a perfect glove for long practice sessions in all conditions.”


Wills Murray

Professional Golf Coach

"As a professional golfer, I have tried just about all the golf glove brands out there. These gloves have become my new favorite! I love how flexible and comfortable it is. I often don't notice i'm wearing it because it forms around my hand so perfectly!"


Alexandria Bare

Professional Golfer

“I have used the Claw golf glove for over 200 rounds of golf. To me it is the perfect glove. It's grip is perfect. It is extremely durable (the palm does not wear at all). Plus , it won't slip when wet. I would recommend the Claw golf glove to all levels of golfers.


One of the gloves I purchased has over 85 rounds on it and it’s still going strong.”


Carl N.

Rotonda West, FL

"About 10 full rounds with this glove now. After the last round, my golf buddy said “Wait, is that that same glove you were testing or is that a new one? I can’t tell.” That is pretty high praise considering how muddy it has been around here. Seriously, look at this thing. I constantly wipe mud out of my grooves with it. I’ll take a few practice swings, wipe off the grooves, then hit my real shot. But the glove...I don’t know what it does with the mud. If you look closely there is a SLIGHT discoloration on the index finger and maybe a little on the thumb.

Rod, I’m concerned about your business model given how well this glove is wearing. As muddy as it has been and with how I use golf gloves, I should have bought another one by now. But I don’t need to.…"


Mark L.Prosper, TX

I had been looking for quite some time for a golf glove that could help me with my grip when I played golf as I had major trauma injuries to my left hand along with Dupuytren’s Contracture to both of my hands. The trauma injuries were devastating requiring major reconstruction surgery and additional surgeries for the Dupuytren’s Contracture didn’t help my cause. Being a right handed player I could not hold the club with a firm grip with my left hand.


I was finally able find on line the CaddyDaddy Talon Golf Glove in August 2018 which was wonderful in itself. I could actually swing and hang on to the club without my hand releasing The Claw however is in a league by itself. I got my first Claw Glove in November 2019 and couldn’t believe the comfortable fit, the durability and the wonderful grip capacity in all weather conditions. It’s by far the best glove I’ve ever used. The Claw has saved me multiple strokes per round as I can finally grip and control the club once again and swing with confidence.


Thanks Rod and CaddyDaddy, the new Claw Glove has made me enjoy the game of golf once again.


Emery M.

Warwick, RI

“I was able to play my first "hot and sweaty" round using the glove. Worked like a charm. No slippage on the grip that I can tell in 88 degrees and sunny ( and very sweaty ). Didn't get soggy like a leather glove would get and I was able to play it the entire round. Normally on days like this, I would change gloves at the turn.”

Sean C.

Rochester, NY

I have been using your glove guessing six months or so and it is really one of the best golf gloves I have ever used in fifty eight years of playing the game. The claw has become my new best friend, thank you!


David J.

North Port, FL

"Very happy on how these are holding up. 25+ rounds and as many range sessions and no wear to my palm pad were I usually get a hole by this time. I was paired with a golfer yesterday and on the 12th hole he remarked on how lightly I seem to hold my driver grip. I told him I didn't have to because of the material is sticky and I don't have to worry about it slipping. I showed him the glove and he is going to look into them…"


Ramond I./Eagle Lake, MN

“I've used this (Claw) glove for 36 full rounds plus numerous range sessions, you make a high quality glove that holds up well, is comfortable and offers great grip on the club!”


Virg M. / Lake Havasu City, AZ

“I purchased the Caddy Daddy Claw golf glove at the Chicago Golf Show this past February 2020. While I was skeptical about the claims (lasts 3-5 times longer, won't turn black, won't slip in wet weather, etc.) I have to say, this is hands-down the best golf glove I have ever used and I've tried just about all of them. After more well over 1500 swings (including full practice swings) through 12 rounds of golf this year and a few practice sessions, this amazing glove still fits as perfectly as it did on the first day. There is no stretching, no shrinkage, and the grip material is unrelenting and still as good as round 1 swing 1. For the first time ever throughout my round, I have full confidence that there will be no slipping or twisting, even in rainy or misty weather or if there is a sweat factor. I could never depend on my previous gloves to do what this one does. Before the Claw, I would change my glove at least 3-4 times a round and cycle between them because the performance varied so greatly during use and as they aged. I'm glad those days are behind me. I couldn't be happier with it. It's remarkable. Thank you for developing it!”


Eric T. / Chicago, IL

"Extremely happy with the quality workmanship and performance of my Caddy Daddy Claw. I like a tight fit so I went with M vs M/L and it's perfect. I play with light grip pressure and can sometimes get too handsy causing slippage during my swing. That not only leads to all sorts of shot inconsistencies but also wearing through gloves more quickly. My CDC is so much tackier, I'm just not experiencing that slippage.”


Dan M. / Ozark, MO

"These gloves are a revelation...especially for all of us who live along the Gulf Coast with its incredible heat and humidity.


I’m absolutely blown away with your gloves. They are fantastic in this high humidity hot house that is Houston, TX. I have to change leather gloves twice per nine holes in the summer. So, four gloves per 18 holes played and they still all wear out in a few weeks...even using gloves like the Bionic gloves that are designed to be highly durable.”


Glenn B. / Kingwood, TX

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